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Birds Nests

Chimney Sweeping

Getting a chimney swept is as important as keeping your gas or oil heating system in tip top condition.  Open fires and stoves can emit harmful CO2 and very soot filled chimneys can catch fire.  Often insurance companys are requesting that sweeping certificates are obtained annually.  Always have a CO2 alarm and appropriate ventilation in the room that you have a solid fuel appliance.

Often if chimneys are left without cowl coverings at the top or unused for some time, birds like to nest inside them.  Jackdaws especially like to build large tightly packed nests and these would need removing before you use the chimney.  Please contact me if you think you have a nest, 

The guild of Master Chimney Sweeps is a professional organisation that ensures all registered sweeps are fully trained and insured. All guild members will issue a certificate after a chimney sweep which should be keep as evidence of having a professional job done. I am proud to be a member of this organisation.  Click on the logo above to visit the Guild site